“A Quiet Place” Review

A Quiet Place [2018] – ★★★★ 🤫 Silence never felt as terrifying as in A Quiet Place, a film that is truly scary, without appearing over-done. John Krasinski’s dystopia A Quiet Place is currently on everyone’s lips, a horror that tries to “reinvent” the horror genre (if such thing is possible after Get Out (2017) and The Witch (2015))….

“Melancholia” Review

Melancholia [2011] – ★★★★★ Clearly influenced by the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, Melancholia is a great film, which is certain to awaken something in the viewer, be it some inexplicable feelings of unease or awe. However, given that this film is directed by no other than Lars Von Trier (a Danish director known for his…