Ralph Fiennes: 5 Best Performances

Ralph Fiennes is 55 years old today, and “to celebrate” the birthday of my favourite actor, I am doing this subjective list of his 5 best performances. Ralph is not only a great actor, he is super versatile. Whether it is a romantic hero in a sweeping drama; a disturbed individual in a psychological thriller; a true villain in a historic or adventure film; or simply a caricature of a man in a comedy; Ralph can nail any role with ease and grace. In no particular order:

“Oscar and Lucinda” Review

Oscar and Lucinda [1996] – ★★★ 🎲 The film is as odd and uneven as its main characters, but there is still something delightful happens when Fiennes meets Blanchett.  Oscar and Lucinda is based on the novel by Peter Carey, and tells the story of a young Australian heiress Lucinda Leplastrier (Cate Blanchett), with the…

“Skyfall” Review

Skyfall [2012] – ★★★★1/2 For those who are unfamiliar with Sam Mendes’s work and its quality, Skyfall may appear like another action flick of some dubious quality, just another James Bond film full of the same old, recycled “tricks”. However, this is the film of Sam Mendes, which means that this first impression would be false. Skyfall…

“Harry Potter” Films

It could be argued that the first two Harry Potter movies directed by Chris Columbus (“Home Alone” (1990)) were the best ones in the series in many ways: they were the most faithful to J.K. Rowling’s original stories; the casting choices could not have been any better there; and the movies had very logical and structured narratives. All these things were barely touched upon in the later Harry Potter films.