3 Underappreciated Songs in Animation

I. “You Know Better Than I” from Joseph: King of Dreams [2000] This song, written by John Bucchino and performed by David Campbell, is from the straight-to-video animated film Joseph: King of Dreams. The song is inspirational and feels very personal. It is sung by Joseph when he finds himself near to despair and at…

20 “Must-See” Philosophical Films

In no particular order: 1) Rashomon (1950) 2) La Gran Belleza (2013) 3) Stalker (1979)  4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) 5) Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

20 “Must-See” Dystopian/Futuristic Films

What life could be in future? In no particular order: 1. A Clockwork Orange (1975) 2. Edge of Tomorrow (2014) 3. Ex-Machina (2015) 4. Never Let Me Go (2010) 5. The Fifth Element (1997) 6. Children of Men (2006)