20 “Must-See” Philosophical Films

In no particular order: stalker

1) Rashomon (1950)

2) La Gran Belleza (2013)

3) Stalker (1979) 

4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

5) Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

6) The Seventh Seal (1956)

7) The Consequences of Love (2004)

8) My Dinner with Andre (1981)

9) The Fountain (2006)

10) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007)

11) The Tree of Life (2011)

12) Anomalisa (2015)

13) Everything is Illuminated (2005)

14) Pi (1998)

15) Abre Los Ojos (1997)

16) Fight Club (1999)

17) American Beauty (1999)

18) Synecdoche, New York (2008)

19) The Trial (1962)

20) Dogtooth (2010)

I tried not to include in this list too many films that feature in my other lists so as to draw attention to other films that are also as interesting; for example, see my lists (i)  20 “Must-See” Dystopian/Futuristic Films; (ii) 20 Highly Intelligent, Complex & Thought-Provoking Films You Must See; and (iii) My 10 Favourite Films Dealing with Drugs.


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  1. Steve says:

    Only seen a couple of these, but did love the couple I’ve seen. Perhaps this list is a necessary one. Thank you.

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    1. dbmoviesblog says:

      It’s a pleasure. I think all of them are worth your time to some extent, though some of them do require patience.


  2. Diego says:

    You just reminded me to watch The Tree of Life. Cool list man.


  3. Great list! But I do need to see The Trial…love the book!

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  4. Mr. Bobinsky says:

    It’s ”La Grande Bellezza”.

    It becomes ”gran” only with masculine adjective :))))

    I cannot say how happy I am to see Stalker her. It doesn’t often end up in lists like this must deserves a lot of recognition.

    Did you think about Donnie Darko too?

    From my side, I can say that a film called ”Coherence” would definitely impress you. It’s very philosophical, minimal, but easy to watch and is mostly improvised…


    1. dbmoviesblog says:

      I think I wrote the title in Spanish. It is more of my thing. I know it was clumsy of me because it is an Italian film. Are you fluent in Italian then? I read it, I think, on your page? ) I only took a beginner’s course.
      I thought of “Donnie Darko”, but because I don’t want to repeat films mentioned by me in my other lists, I left it out. It features on my list on thought-provoking and intelligent films to see.
      Thanks for recommending me “Coherence”, I have to get cracking and watch it asap.

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      1. Mr. Bobinsky says:

        Haha maybe 🙂 Yes, I am fluent because I moved here long time ago and also I work in tourism so I speak really a lot every day. I love languages.

        Why did you take the course, just because for curiosity’s sake or something else?

        You’re welcome, I’d love to know what you think of it. It’s one of those little known movies that made me start the blog…


        1. dbmoviesblog says:

          How interesting! I love languages too, but it is Spanish which has been my passion for a long time now. I started learning Italian because I was interested in it, and also in the Italian Renaissance, opera and other cultural delights. I feel like I should speak and know Italian better since I even lived in Italy for three months. Oh well, I guess I can always pick it up again. Italian-language films are my other weakness, and you could even check out my Italian-language film list.

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          1. Mr. Bobinsky says:

            Spanish is very cool and funny! I can understand a lot of it now, or often if happens to me that Spanish people talk to me in Spanish and I answer in Italuan and somehow we can communicate :))) where exactly did you live here?


            1. dbmoviesblog says:

              Florence, Tuscany. I think it is the most beautiful city in the world. And, where are you at?
              I think that was my problem when learning Italian – because many words are similar in Spanish and in Italian, I kept confusing the two languages, and sometimes spoke a mix.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Mr. Bobinsky says:

                Yes, than can be confusing for sure. I used to live in Florence… for 6 years. It’s beautiful, gorgeous but there are many other beautiful spots in Tuscany, especially near Siena that are completely untouched. I think tjat’s the area I love most, hills, villages, wineyards, castles… Then last year I moved to the German-speaking part of Italy on the north to practice German :)))) Now I’ll move to Milan soon and plan to stay there for a while.

                Liked by 1 person

              2. dbmoviesblog says:

                Wow, you speak German, too! I visited Siena once when I lived in Florence, and really liked how super-medieval it was! The square and the tower and the little streets around, I have good memories. Good luck with your move, Milan must be beautiful as well. It is on my “to visit” list too.

                Liked by 1 person

              3. Mr. Bobinsky says:

                No, in German I’m still a beginner… But this part of Italy is totally diffrtent though and it was interesting to live here. It belonged to Austria till early XX…

                I wouldn’t say Milan is beautiful, but there are tons of other things that compensate that ;)))


                Liked by 1 person

              4. dbmoviesblog says:

                A beginner is also a speaker 🙂 I never got around to learning German and am always impressed by people who even speak it at a beginner level. I guess what attracts me to Milan first is that cathedral Duomo, I think it is really one of a kind.

                Liked by 1 person

              5. Mr. Bobinsky says:

                Yes, that one is special, but in terms of other historical things there’s not much around. That’s fine. Living somewhere and travelling are different things. 🙂


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